Chiropractic Testimonials

  • "I can sit at work without neck pain.
  • I can stand up straight now.
  • I don't get as many migraines.
  • My lower back doesn't hurt anymore.
  • My neck is not as tight.
  • It's good to stand up at work every 20 minutes. It's important to keep moving and don't sit still.
  • My neck feels better, that I don't have chronic knots in it."

- Susan

"Been seeing Dr. Clover for 3 years. He has also seen friends, etc.  He always goes beyond expectations to give a positive result.  Highly recommend his chiropractic care. Thank you!"

- Bryan

"As you know when I first came to you in 2011 you fixed my trigger finger without me having surgery. Also, you adjust my back and neck and I'm in great shape. Then I have vertigo which you have also helped me with. I can always get in and see you at any time. I call in the morning and I can see you that same day. You have helped with so many things and made life so much easier at my age to get around. Then there was my 8-year old that loves to come to see you and always feels better after. I would come to see you before I could call my other Doctor."

- Barbara

"Dr. Clover is the best ever! He really helps correct one's body where the problems are. He is gentle and a very concerned, appreciative Doctor and converses very well to find what and where the problems are and what he can do. Extremely concerned with helping and teaching. Very helpful!"

- Sandi


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